AERIADES joins the AIRCAR national project


The AirCar project is a consortium led by ONERA, the French aeronautics, space and defense research lab, together with 8 Carnot institutes associated to the project:

CetimIngénierie@LyonM.I.N.E.SARTS, IFPEN Transports EnergieMICA, CEA LETIESP.


  • strengthen the competitiveness of SME working in the aeronautical sector by furnishing an easy access to R&D and Innovation
  • answering the problems encountered by the SME working in the aeronautical sector


AirCar covers all the scientific and technological needs of the companies working in the sector and can lean on two major aspects:

  • the multidisciplinary approach of problems
  • a geographical networking of the aeronautical sector employment area. To do so, AirCar relies on the network of aeronautical hubs and clusters, and more specifically on AERIADES regarding France's North-East region


Major subjects covered by the project:

  • Materials (metal and composite), processes and high performance assembly
  • Systems and components for a more electrical or 100% electrical aircraft
  • Innovation in sub-systems and specific components
  • New applications and new uses