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4, rue Augustin Fresnel
57070 Metz

Tel. : +33 3 72 39 50 85


Contact : Stéphane POINSOT

Function: Deputy Director

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The Institute of Research and Technology for Materials, Metallurgy & Processes (IRT M2P) is your partner for developing innovative products and processes to accelerate your company’s growth.

We bring our expertise, a wide array of state-of-the-art semi-industrial technological platforms and a network of academic labs to the R&D projects we carry out with our more than 120 industrial partners.


Our 9 areas of technological expertise :

> Advanced Foundry

> Life Cycle Assessment & Recycling

> Metal Powders

> Surface Treatment & Coatings

> Mechanical Surface Treatment

> Heat & Thermochemical Treatment

> Composite Materials

> Multimaterials Joining

> Analysis & Characterization