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Contact : Christian WOURMS
Function : General Manager
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Thermo Est, created 1974 in the heart of Europe, makes available to you its long experience and expertise providing you the most efficient technologies.

Our highly qualified technicians and engineers meet customers’ requirements by adapting products and services to your specific standards.

 Our company develops products and services for a wide range of fields, ranging from aeronautics to pharmaceuticals, and including metallurgy, power generation, research laboratories, chemical and automotive industries. Although each sector has its own set of specifications and requirements our teams examine and propose to you the most suitable temperature-control’ installation for your business.

 Thermo Est’ technicians and engineers work on a production site of over 3,700 m² featuring high-technology equipment and modern infrastructure, supported by a design department mastering edge of technology. That notably includes processes such as laser, numerical controls, radiography, macrography, electro-dynamic vibration test, etc.

 Our company has been engaged in a permanent quality approach. Indeed we have ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities, upgraded to the EN 9100 rules and an authorized Cofrac (National Office for Measurements) temperature laboratory.

 By deploying state-of-the-art machine technology, we design and manufacture all the precision mechanics needed to produce armatures, connectors, flanges, thermowell drilled in the earth, etc. 

 Precise welding, prototypes, pilot runs, batches and chain original welding as well as repairs are realized by dedicated and highly qualified staff, who have efficient equipment and who places greater emphasis on consistently quality.

 Concerning Aircraft on Ground (AOG):

Thermo-Est develops and produces, together with its partners, pressure and temperature sensors:

  •       for the study and materials characterization
  •       for the study and engine development

 Concerning Aircraft in Flight:

Based on customers’ technical specifications and conforming with the standards in effect, we develop and manufacture on-board sensors:

  •                  for braking system (BTS – Brake line Tensioning System)
  •                  for air-conditioning system
  •                  for aircraft’s air inlets or engine
  •                  for leading edge de-icing system
  •                  for fluids (hydraulics, fuel)