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Contact : Stéphane SELVES
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With more than 30 years’ industrial expertise in composites, SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES, a subsidiary of Aircelle, SAFRAN Group, is a partner with some of the best-known names in aeronautics. Its core business focuses today on the project management, design and manufacturing of complexes sets of composites parts, to be fully integrated in the structure of the aircraft they are designed for.

SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES has a strategy of continuous improvement, designed to constantly fulfill our customers’ developing needs. Our pro-active quality policy has resulted in EN9100 certification, specific to aeronautic industry.


SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES boasts innovative technical solutions for complex composite aerostructure parts.

SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES knows how to combine technical and economic performance on products dedicated to the complete range of composite structures, either involving high technology (complex parts with large dimensions and/or subject to high stress) or engineering skills requiring manual know-how.

SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES lead-manages development projects with partners, especially from Lorraine, recognized by the major customers in the aeronautics industry, in order to implement new concepts with its customers and provide them with innovative technological solutions.

SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES expertise covers the complete range of manufacturing engineering techniques used to develop new products based on collaborative engineering with its customers.


The technical know-how developed since 1980, as well as the airmanship and skills of its engineers and technicians, both in Florange and in the Paris region, rank SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES as one of the leading specialists in the technologies and processes used to manufacture the most effective composites in aeronautics.

Backed by its supply chain network, SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES expertise includes the manufacturing-processing of complex assemblies combining metallic and composites parts. After Kevlar fiber on the A320, the company has adapted to new material such as glass-carbon hybrid and carbon fibers.

From its first contract on composites in the early 1980’s - the Airbus A310 air scoops - to the landing gear doors on the A330/340 and the engine cowls for the NH90, SAFRAN SYSTEMS AEROSTRUCTURES’s skills have evolved and adapted to airframer requirements and to new manufacturing techniques such as automatic lay-up, resin transfer molding (RTM), or liquid resin infusion (LRI) technology.