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Contact : Benoît DESREUMAUX
Function : Sales Director for the North East France & Benelux region
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Contact : Karine HERLEDAN
Function : Marketing Manager
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Our Mission? Shape the future of industry, now!  

Our connexateurs and connexatrices are here to support you in setting up a coherent information system taking advantage of every or part of each of the PLM, ERP, and IoT and CRM solution. Our design and product lifecycle management, business management, internet of things and customer relationship management solutions play a strategic role and are complementary to one another. Used together, they help you focus on what really sets you apart from your competition: industrial efficiency.

In order to meet the specific needs of companies in the aeronautical sector, 4CAD Group has developed around SageX3 4CAD Aero, a vertical solution integrating all the required functionalities. This aeronautical solution optimizes the quality of productions and of its services: it knows how to manage non-conformities, action plans, audits, derogations, ranges and means of control.

Thanks to the management of lot and serial numbers, it ensures perfect traceability from raw material to manufactured products.

4CAD MRO provides innovative and global solutions to increase the competitiveness and performance of maintenance organizations. This vertical solution is aimed at all players in the aeronautical maintenance sector such as airlines, MRO service companies (component or avionics), brokers and MRO training organizations. Perfectly adapted, 4CAD MRO meets the most demanding criteria in the maintenance profession; such as reducing cycles while respecting associated deadlines, improving the range of offered services, lowering costs, a secured level of guarantee, etc. All this by making the best use of technological developments in the years to come (IoT, paperless, cloud).