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F. 08 110 CARIGNAN

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Function : General Manager

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Function : Sales Manager

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Function : Marketing Manager

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Design and manufacture electrical/electronical interconnections solutions, distribution and attachements systems. Solutions for weight saving, space saving and time saving (quick install and maintenance) sealed and shielded applications.

Connectors to mate :

-       Rectangular connectors monoblock (EN3545), modular (EN4165), metallic, composite, standard or shielded, sealed.

-       Rectangular push-pull connectors metallic or composite (EN4165).

-       Optical connectors singlemode, multimode (SIMTac01, SIMTac02, SIMTac03, SIMTac08, MPO, Elio®, Luxcis®).

-       IFE connectors interace (ASR, EZ Cabin).

Connectors for distribution :

-       Rectangular and circular quick and sealed junction modules standard or fitted with components, SAE 39029, EN3155 and NSA contacts.

-       Bus-bar, junction blocks.

-       Seal in line junction.

Sockets interface and specific :

-       Sockets for hermetical relays.

-       Mini connectors for missiles.

Attachment systems electrical and hydraulic :

-       Wiring accessoiries, Fixing accessories, Cable clamp with overmolding (ABS2195, CC5516, CC5516 Light, ABS1339 & ABS1339 Light).

-       Pipes clamps assemblies monoblock or modular.

Reengineering of obsolete interconnection products.