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ALBANY Engineered Composites SAS
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Contact : Thierry SCHWEITZER
Function : Operations Director


Albany Engineered Composites (AEC) is developping new generation composite technologies, and is using these technologies to help its customers to design, develop, and manufacture advanced lightweight components, allowing less fuel consumption and optimizing airborne equipments

The new LEAP aircraft engine – a new engine designed by CFM International (joint venture 50/50 between Snecma and General Electric) – is using the unique AEC 3D Composite technology, allowing a decrease of 15% of the fuel consumption versus existing engines. For AEC, this is the first use of this new 3D Composite technology

AEC is working with Snecma / Safran on the LEAP program since more than 10 years. The new Commercy plant, as well as the Rochester (USA) plant, are the two locations where AEC will manufacture, along with his partner Safran, high technology components for the LEAP engine.

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