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Contact : Laurent BODIN
Function : CEO

Contact : François-Xavier LUCAS
Function : VP Sales
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Manufacturer of printed circuit boards for adapted technological and innovative solutions.

Founded in 1979 in Lorraine, in the center of Europe, CIMULEC is the industrial partner of French and European customers of the military, aeronautics and microwave frequency sectors.
For more than 30 years, our commercial and technical teams have been assisting you in your projects and have been providing you with solutions adapted to your needs. Involved from the beginning of your project, CIMULEC assists you with its enormous experience in the industrialization of your circuit boards..
Since its foundation, the vocation of CIMULEC has been to supply the military, aeronautic and aerospace sector. The culture of reliability and the control of processes has become a part of us : today, this is underlined by several certifications (ISO 9001 - EN 9100 - MIL P 55110 - MIL P 50884).
Long term member of the association IPC (Institute for Printed Circuits), CIMULEC has always been a pioneer of development. Thanks to its investments as well as its R&D department, CIMULEC is an active member of numerous French and European projects.