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Contact : Ismail TAHTACI

ICAR is a private company which activities concern all kind of scientifical and technical services on refractory materials. 16 persons are dedicated to bring skills and advices to ICAR’s clients throughout the world. ICAR's laboratory represents 1800m² of measurements and testing devices, from mechanics at high temperature to corrosion pilots.

ICAR was created in 2003, with the merging of LRMC (Refractory and Ceramic Material Laboratory) and the refractory department of SFC (French Ceramic Society). The 2 centers brought their customer portfolio, and this gave a complete overview of the refractory market and application to ICAR.

The clients of ICAR come from all the industrial fields involved in refractories: manufacturers, steel industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, aerospace, incineration, energy, glass industry, cement industry…