Zone d'Activité du Seugnon

Tel. : 33 0 329 46 00 00

Contact : Olivier BRIFFAUX
Fonction : Director



Within SAFRAN Group, one of the major OEM aerospace world suppliers, SAFRAN Aero Composite is in charge of design, development and production of high technology composite components

With his partner ALBANY Engineered Composites (AEC), SAFRAN Aero Composite is developing for the new LEAP aircraft engine – a new engine designed by CFM International (joint venture 50/50 between Snecma and General Electric) – 3D Composite components, allowing a decrease of 15% of the fuel consumption versus existing engines. For SAFRAN, this is the first use of this new 3D Composite technology

SAFRAN is working for more than 10 years on the LEAP program, which has been selected on all new generation commercial airplanes (A320 NEO – B737 MAX – COMAC C919).  The new Commercy plant, as well as the Rochester (USA) plant, are the two locations where SAFRAN will manufacture, along with his partner AEC, high technology 3D composite components for the LEAP engine.